Point of Sale Marketing (POS) – How to use it effectively.

Point of Sale Marketing (POS) is used effectively for marketing in-store promotions and campaigns. Point of Sale Marketing or POS marketing for short is a type of in-store marketing campaign that is used in an effective and impactful way to upsell to customers, therefore increasing their spend-per-visit within a retail environment.

A successful point of sale campaign creates a meaningful customer experience, creates additional brand awareness and generates an uplift in sales. Whether you are producing ‘Wobblers’, Posters, Free Standing Displays, Shelf Strips or Window Displays, Lenticular POS works.

The POS marketing needs to be engaging, to stand out and be as interactive and ‘crowd-stimulating’ as possible, without it being invasive.

We all know that when something ‘different’ catches our eye, we will stop and interact with it. We will look even if the product may not initially have been of any interest to begin with. Engaging and different marketing creates a stir, both in the shop and wider via social media – “check this out” or “Just saw this in Burberry’s window” will broaden the impact of your products’ campaign.

Lenticular print portrays a particularly positive and interactive image, whether as a ‘ image flip’ or 3D Depth image. Print that moves as you walk by – catches the eye!

In the world of retail, shelf space comes at a premium. A lenticular point of sale display is ideal for maximising your store’s merchandising potential. Aisles, shelf strips and check outs, all lead to favourable positions for lenticular POS displays. These interactive and engaging POS displays are ideal for maximising sales and increasing revenue, as increased products and impulse purchases are added to every basket.