Our personalised entry pass
with amazing interactivity and security benefits.

Add value to your event ticket, security access pass or ID cards.

PASS FX for Events, Visitor Attraction and Season Tickets

PASS FX makes the venue access pass collectable and provides an additional brand engagement and keepsake for your fans.

PASS FX Drives social media commentary to increase online brand value.

PASS FX adds a further revenue stream – charge a premium for Collectable Tickets for Music Festivals, Events, Concerts, Sports Events and Season Tickets.

PASS FX for ID Cards

PASS FX adds security, can be personalised with variable photo image and text.

PASS FX is specific to your business logo and brand, location and personnel.

P!nk tour sold in excess of…


3D Collector Tickets

How Pass FX works for Collector Tickets

Step One

Customer selects 3D Collector Ticket when ordering online.

Step Two

We design and print PASSFX.

Step Three

We receive customer ticket data, print personalisation and barcode on ticket reverse and manage postage.