Your creations and imaginings produced using the lenticular print medium

We are seeing more and more artists realise their work in the lenticular medium. This genre captures what was once static into a moving living object.

Vivid design produced in this medium creates an unwavering emotional connection for both the artist and the final owner of the piece.

Art lovers are not looking simply for an art piece. Their soul is yearning for a striking piece of artwork for their entranceway that will greet visitors like a blast of dazzling sunlight provoking discussion and engagement.

Whether you are a new artist looking to produce lenticular print work for the first time or an established artist branching out or seeking a new 3D print partner, then it starts with a conversation.

At Lentico we understand the emotions and critical accuracy required to reproduce your designs into art pieces that will elicit those emotions, pleasing your patrons and reflecting your creative passion.