Brian from IceJewlz called to say he had an urgent lenticular job that needed to be turned around very quickly.

Looking at the amazing signature piece that he had produce presented a real challenge to us. A lenticular reverse panel was required and we had to make the fit a perfect one.

We got to work making the intricate cut guide using a scanner, then produced numerous dummies until we had the perfect fit. As the piece was so small in terms of lenticular we opted for our finest 100 lpi lens. This is only 250 microns in thickness and the ribbed lenses are so fine that it is hard to see that it is in fact lenticular plastic. We applied a special Lentico glue to the reverse and set the 2 image Flip into the jewel.

The final result was perfect and all completed within the day.

I am very please to say that the feedback from the end client (Footballer Marcus Rashford) made the whole process worth while.

Studio Shaigon/Colgate

Lentico worked with South African design Studio Shaigon to produce a series of Flipping Shelf Wobblers for a major supermarket chain.

Wicked Brick/Lego

Lentico were approached by the design team a Wicked Brick. This company specialises in providing premium grade display cases for Lego Special edition models.

Lentico were able to utilise our full range of skills in helping the team to get the most from their designs. From the use of the correct premium grade lens to the 1200 dpi printed detail and the exquisite laser cutting the results were stunning.

When there are large runs of repeat lenticular designs the cost per piece is surprisingly low. This enabled Wicked Brick to upgrade its backdrop displays for Simple vinyl to full colour animating scenes with real 3D depth.