Lentico Announce the Opening of The Lenticular Gallery

The world of lenticular art has been crying out for an online platform dedicated to the celebration of lenticular fine art and lenticular contemporary art, so we are very proud to announce the opening of The Lenticular Gallery.

The Lenticular Gallery is a natural fit for Lentico. Drawing on 25 years of experience working with artists on lenticular production and creation, Andrew Roblett envisaged an online gallery to showcase lenticular art and lenticular print.

The concept has now become a reality, with the gallery now being a vibrant and engaging site for lenticular artists to share their passion and profile their work to a worldwide audience.

Andrew Roblett and Robin Sumner who established thelenticulargallery.com aim to:

  • Promote the enjoyment of the lenticular medium to a wider audience.
  • Provide an accessible platform for lenticular artists and photographers from around the world to showcase their work.
  • Provide a community platform for lenticular art, creativity and engagement.
  • Allow emerging artists access to a wider audience via our planned “break through artists” platform.
  • Support artists with the promotion of their work
  • Produce the very best quality lenticular art products in the market.

The site is now live and can be enjoyed here: www.thelenticulargallery.com

You can follow and engage with us on the following social media platforms:

Pinterest: @The_Lenticular_Gallery
Twitter : @thelenticularg1
Linked In: The Lenticular Gallery
Facebook: @lenticulargallery
Instagram: thelenticulargallery