Hank Willis Thomas chooses UK Lenticular Production for Highest Quality Fine Art

The Production of Lenticular Fine Art has returned to the UK with Hank Willis Thomas choosing Lentico to produce their lenticular prints.

Following our investment in new technology and developing our new lenticular production site based in the UK. Lentico were recontacted by the team at Hank Willis Thomas to produce the artist’s work for boith the US, UK and European markets.

Hank Willis Thomas is renowned for his lenticular prints of ‘moving words’ as statements. The print production of these pieces requires complete accuracy in the creation of the artwork files as well as the print production, to ensure that the animated print pops out at the viewer.

Click on the image below and this will allow you to see the moving message.

Other lenticular work is produced for artists specialising in fine art or photographic lenticular print.