Creating High Quality Fine Art Using the Lenticular Medium

3D lenticular print is so much more than cereal box giveaways and mass-produced gifts. Creating high quality fine art using the lenticular medium, using the best quality production is now available. Lenticular prints that add a quality and uniqueness that provides depth and a focal point for your home, gallery or office.

Artists from around the world have experienced additional exposure and often rejuvenated interest in their portfolio by moving their art on to the lenticular medium. Creating interactive and engaging art pieces from previous 2D works. Famous examples of lenticular art include Damien Hirst’s skulls and shark tank installations.

At Lentico, we are extremely fortunate to work closely with galleries, artists and creatives and provide them with a level of service that ensures that the final work beats expectations.

Unique Wedding Prints using lenticular animation or ‘flips’ provide amazing memories for your special occasion. Here is a brilliant example of the use of Lenticular print using wedding photos.

Many artists or photographers looking to enter the lenticular art market, will require help and guidance to ensure that the very best results are achieved. Here we list some of those key considerations.

Key considerations when creating your artwork for lenticular print

There is an ‘art’ to creating great art, the creation of print files that work with the lenticular lens is a craft in and of itself. If you are new to lenticular print creation or have not received the best advice or service to ensure that your work is produced to the very best effect then here are some key pointers.

Pitch – where is the piece going to be seen? The distance from where the art piece is sited from the planned or ideal viewing distance is key for optimum experience.

How will the fine art piece be presented or ‘hung’? Is the piece to be mounted, will it be reflective, or backlit? Each of these requires a different approach to the artwork and print.

How will your lenticular art ‘move’? Do you want a clear ‘flip’ between two images or an animated transition with the image morphing from one image to another through multiple stages? Or will it be lenticular 3D?

How large do you want your lenticular art piece? Large or small size dictates the best LPI or Lenticles/lines per inch on the lens that is used. A rule of thumb being the larger the piece the fewer LPI and vice versa.

So when it comes to creating high quality fine art using the lenticular medium, it is wise to seek out and discuss your project with a partner that can provide advise, insight and genuine passion about their product.