Chatham, Kent

Past Present Future

Past Present Future by Till Janz Lenticular Fine Art Production at Lentico

Collaboration with our lenticular artists to help them produce the very best in lenticular fine art, is just one area of our lenticular fine art print services.

Till Janz is a fashion photographer, a moving image director and digital content creator. Lentico have been working with him to develop a new project launching in 2022 called Generations.

Generations is an ongoing portrait project which Till Janz has been working on for over two years, and which will be released in its entirety in 2022. The project will involve exactly 122 portraits of different individuals reflecting the wide diversity of contemporary culture.

Our specialist lenticular print team can be seen in action here

We also work alongside many other artists and their work can be viewed at The Lenticular Gallery (TLG)