Chatham, Kent
Winter Inspiration

Winter Inspiration

Now that the bleak mid-Winter is almost over and the vestiges of the cold days and long nights are turning to the promise of warmer spring weather and longer days, we are still feeling a little of the winter blues compounded by the continued “lock-down” maybe you are looking for some winter inspiration?

One of my jobs is to come up with inspirational content for our blogs and client newsletters, staring out of my window waiting for my inspirational spark, I noticed an amazing icicle formed on a spider’s web lightly swaying in the breeze of a cold day – I thought wow, how cool is that!

So, for our February, blog, I could talk about the exciting products we have been developing for lenticular packaging print; or the lenticular labels print for high value brands; or the success of our recent point of sales lenticular display projects. All very worthy of a mention and I am sure we will share the details and success of these in due course, but for now, why not take a look out of your window and see what inspires you.

I also thought I’d share this other beautiful video of a “frozen popsicle tree” from a nearby stream. Working in a highly visual industry where printed image speaks volumes, I thought you might enjoy this too!